Discover Europe with AEGEE-Bratislava!

AEGEE-Bratislava is part of a network of 200 students associations in Europe – from Las Palmas to Moscow and beyond!

Together we are building a better Europe!

  • AEGEE strives for an open society in a Europe without borders
  • AEGEE fosters the European integration and cultural exchange
  • With AEGEE your can make your own European dream project true!

AEGEE-Bratislava was founded in 1992 and is open to students from all faculties and disciplines. You will be able to enjoy a relaxed, open and international atmosphere. As a member of AEGEE-Bratislava you will have an amazing time, meet new people, create your own projects and travel across Europe.

The AEGEE network unites 200 branches in 40 countries. It is an ideal network for travelling, having discussions on different subjects from culture to politics and to create your own events. You will never be a typical tourist, but always in the company of local students!

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Explore Europe with us!

Every year 150 international events take place in this network. They are the backbone of AEGEE and the main reason why AEGEE is awesome. It’s also why you will find many of us rather travelling around Europe than staying in Bratislava.

All events are organized by AEGEE members for AEGEE members. This means blood, sweat and tears go into the organization of events to make them awesome, and you feel it. Whenever you join an event, you might go with a friend, or maybe you go alone but you come back with 20 new friends! There is a wide variety of events all over Europe, happening all the time, so there is something for every interest!

These are just a few example of our events:

  • Summer Universities: these are two-week long courses with topics from climate change to learning languages
  • Conferences: Discuss about European politics or topics like social inclusion
  • Trainings: Learn about leadership, how to create projects or how to make professional videos
  • Study trips: discover Caucasus, Spain and other parts of Europe
  • Fun events: Celebrate New Year with us or visit festivals

Curious? Then check our Calendar to find out what AEGEE has to offer for you!

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Hope to see you soon!!!

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