Welcome to AEGEE-Bratislava website!

AEGEE-Bratislava is a European student association, focused on cultural integration and exchange. AEGEE is open to students from all faculties and disciplines and you will be able to enjoy a relaxed, open and international atmosphere. As a member of AEGEE-Bratislava you will have an amazing time, meet new people and travel across Europe.

AEGEE has over 200 locals throughout Europe, so it’s an ideal network for travelling, sharing information and having discussions on different subjects meeting like-minded, and not so like-minded people!

European Events are the backbone of AEGEE. The reason why AEGEE is awesome. The reason why you will find many of us rather travelling around Europe than staying in Aachen.

All events are organized by AEGEE members for AEGEE members. This means blood, sweat and tears go into the organization of events to make them awesome, and you feel it. Whenever you join an event, you might go with a friend, or maybe you go alone but you come back with 20 new friends! There is a wide variety of events all over Europe, happening all the time, so there is something for every interest!

We have our social drink on every second Thursday at 19:00 in Metropol bar (Americké námestie). Next social drink is 11.2.2016!

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If you need any more information you can contact us at info@aegee-bratislava.sk

If you are travelling to Bratislava and do not know where to stay, we recommend you to stay in Hostel Blues or Patio Hostel.

Hope to see you soon!!!



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